Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee or thigh high boots are an amazing trend for winter, but the question is how to style them? Bellow I listed some of my favourite looks that some celebrities or bloggers had worn and I tried some myself. I must say it´s not easy but I hope this makes the situation slightly better :)

Las botas sobre la rodilla son una gran tendencia para el invierno, pero la pregunta es con que usarlas? A continuacion enliste algunos de mis looks favoritos de celebridades y bloggers e incluso algunos mios. Debo decir que no es facil pero espero que con esto mejore la situacion. 

1- With Skinny or Tight Jeans

2- With Over Sized Sweaters

3- With Tight Dresses and Skirts

Don´t be sad if you are pregnant because pregnant women wear them too!

Notice that a good idea to make your look more street suitable is to wear it with a loose shirt or top in general.

Or you can just keep your coat on! 

4- With Loose Skirts or Dresses
I´m not gonna tell you this as comfortable as jeans but in case you have an event or meeting you can easily wear it with a loose dress and if you walk with confidence and in a non windy day, you´ll ace it!

Who is this girl? I like her style! ;)

5-With Shorts or Rompers 
Similar to the previous one but in this case omit the part of the wind.

6- With Long Dresses or Coats

I found it really original to wear a long dress over the boots and in this way you are not showing much (nothing).

In the end, does it still looks difficult? I don´t think so, and if you want more inspiration you can look up more of Miranda Kerr as she has styled almost all of the look above and also check Tuula Vintage blog as has worn her boots in several occasions. Oh, and remember not to look up Miley Cyrus or Rihanna cause you´ll probably go to prison. Bye Bye!


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