Worked Jeans

Hope you are starting a nice week! There's a quote that says: "women fall in love 7 times a year and 6 of them are with shoes" which lead me to think that the one left is with jeans! That's what happened to me with this ones. Some people would say it's too much to mix dyeing techniches on ripped pants, but there's never too much for me! This jeans are also a good idea to make them at home.

Espero que tengan un buen comienzo de semana! Hay una frase que dice: "una mujer se enamora 7 veces en un año, y 6 de las cuales es con zapatos", lo que me lleva a pensar a que la vez restante es amor hacia los jeans! Eso es lo que me paso con este par. Algunas personas dirian que es mucho mezclar tecnicas de decoloracion en jeans rotos, pero nunca es mucho para mi! Estos jeans son una gran idea para hacer en casa.

jeans: zara
Sweater and boots: H&M
Sunnies: Ray-Ban


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