Daisies on the Rain

As you can imagine it was raining a lot recently and I´m not rains biggest fan on a day I have to go out, I´d rather stay at home and listen to the water pouring down... But we need to be realistic and face humidity (unluckily your hair too). To brighten these days I have this wonderful umbrella, ready-to-take everywhere. I bought it in NY on a gloomy day as I predicted it was going to rain despite my mothers complaints and rejection to my statement, and in the end I was right and she ended up wearing it. 
 Hope you have a nice day and I´m really sorry for my lack of posts but I´m really busy, believe it or not, studying. Meanwhile you can watch the world cup, I can tell it´s getting interesting. 

Como se pueden imaginar ha estado lloviendo mucho recientemente y no soy  fan de la lluevia en los  días que tengo que salir... Pero tenemos que ser realistas, que humedad!!!. Para aclarar estos días tengo este maravilloso paraguas, lista para usar en todas partes. Lo compré en Nueva York en un día sombrío como predije que iba a llover.
 Espero que tengas un buen día.

  Umbrella:Forever 21
  Shoes: Zara (also the top)
  Ring: Pandora


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