Statue´s View

Hi guys!!! Sorry for not posting on a long time but I´ve been really busy as I started college yesterday and my cat is sick :(  I have to take care of him and right now he is beside me taking a cat-nap! Hopefully he´ll get better soon. I should focus on writing about this outfit. Well, two weeks ago New York was super cold (at least for me) so I had to wear warm clothes but one of my friends was in this exact place yesterday and she was wearing just tank top... what´s the weather like today, like today....And I must tell you that the Zara top is reeeeally warm, I´ve seen Kendall Jenner wearing it and I seriously don´t know how can she stand it 
 Before I forget, Happy Birthday to my friend Clari who loves my blog and is a great friend! xxx 

¡¡¡Hola Chicas!!!  Bueno, hace dos semanas, en Nueva York, hacia mucho frio ( al menos para mí ) así que tuve que abrigarme, pero una de mis amigas estaba en este lugar ayer y solo tenia una musculosa. La parte superior es de Zara y es realmente abrigada. Vi que Kendall Jenner que lo llevaba en el calido clima Californiano y no se como lo soportaba!
 Antes de que me olvide, feliz cumpleaños a mi amiga Clari que ama mi blog y es una gran amiga ! xxx

 Beanie: Urban Outfitters
 Sweater: ZARA
 Trench: Calvin Klein
 Sneakers: Vans


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