I´ve been prepaering new things for the blog and this is one of them. Now that I take a look at the pictures I think it´s kind of Paris Hilton inspired because of the big sunglasses and all the animal print (sorry I forgot to include a little dog). Anyway, I´m wearing an inexpensive dress that I bought last year in H&M by chance, because my friends wanted to go there and while they shopped I found this dress. Hope you like it!! xxx

He estado preparando cosas nuevas para el blog y esta es una de ellas . De todos modos , estoy usando un vestido barato que compré el año pasado en H & M por casualidad, porque mis amigos querían ir allí y encontré este vestido . ¡¡Espero que te guste!! xxx

 Dress: H&M (similar)
 Sunglasses: (very similar) express trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina


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