Monday, 25 September 2017

Joshua Kane "Fantasy Collection"

There's no doubt Joshua Kane is a genious at tailoring, but season after season he manages to innovate the designs. I would say thar for the S/S 18 season called "Fantasy" he included warm colours, prints and a few pieces that aren't suits, such as capes and biker jackets. The collection also includes menswear, many of which have the same print but with a different fit. Even though he started as a menswear taylor, this season the majority of the looks were womenswear. 

The fashion show was deffinitely a show. I took place at the London Palladium Theater on Friday 15th of September. The venue was huge with a capacity of more than 2000 people. It started around 7 p.m. with a champagne reception and continued with the projection of the JK Fantasy movie. After the runway show finished, a group of swords dancers took over the stage before the big finale. 

As I was telling you before, prints were a huge part of the collection, beeing pink checked present in many looks. I highlight it as it mixes two of the season biggest trends and is also something quite traditional. Another element that called my attention were the detailed hand embellished flower. Talking of which, florals are also present in the form of orints both in mens and womes suits. The colours are quite classic with black, white, blue, red and a few light blue and pink designs. 

What I liked the most is that he focoused the season in womenswear, but also included a few pieces that aren't part of a suit. He's deffinitely innovating his style and the world of tayloring. 

Saturday, 23 September 2017


London Fashion Week, one of the top 4 international Fashion Weeks together with New York, Milan and Paris, And this Season, I was part of it. I could say that my dream came true. I'd always wanted to be there, but I was not ready. Even though I don't consider myself a successful blogger, I admit that in the past year I've gain experience in this business that help me in this situation. I've learnt 3 fundamental things: you must be hardworking, you must be cheeky, and everything happens last minute... actually I didn't learnt the last one, as I'm the example of it.
I didn't pick London randomly. I've always been a follower of London based designers as I believe the big names of the future are there. They are the most innovative. Fashion there is both traditional and groundbreaking. It's constant revolution. This can be seen not only in fashion, but in architecture, lifestyle...
There are many emerging designers that have the chance of beeing part of LFW and that's what makes it so unique. The British Fashion Council organized LFW and it's showroom with designers from all over the world, and if I'm not wrong there must have been about 300 of them. What's more, many chose not to be part of it and make a show on there while, while others, show their collections at Fashion Scout London, another platform for emerging talents.
As regards location, there are many places where fashion shows take place, but the official adress is 180 Strand where some designers such as Emilio de la Morena did it's show and right beside, you can find the showrooms. Fashion Scout London was located at Fremansons Hall (very near) where I got to see Nelly Rose, Billie Jacobbina, Boo Pala and Leaf Xia. Finally, there are other designers that have their own space, for example Paul Costelloe took over The Waldorf by Hilton or Joshua Kane who held it's show at the London Palladium theater.
In this video, you will also see other fashion related activities I did during LFW. We went to two museums. Quite unusual for me, but London always has fashion expositions. Two years ago we saw a shoe exhibition at the V&A museum, but this year it was even better with the story of Balenciaga and his creations. It has some of his most memorable designs and the explanation of all the techniques that made him popular. As if this wasn't enough, Kensington Palace has now an exhibition about Diana and her fashion history as a way of remembering her work. Personally I admire her as a person, but I got to see that she was also quite an influence in terms of fashion. I felt in love with a few of the mini embroidered dressed that could perfectly be seen nowadays. What's more, we had the perfect ending to a fantastic week with a beauty event at Harrods. It was the presentation of the new Laura Mercier Foundation, the "Flawless Fusion" that took place at The Georgian Restaurant and was in partnership with British Vogue. It included a champagne reception, a talk with Ginnie Chadwyck, model Suki Waterhouse and makup artist Mary Greenwell, and a lot of pampering!
Another crucial element of Fashion Week are THE OUTFITS! I believe that everyone prepares them with time, but as I was traveling and didn't know how many events I would be attending, I only planned two looks that I ended up changing, and packed a few if my all time favorites together with some of my newest purchases. This, plus one or two things I bought, I got myself a total of 5 outfits. There wasn't anything crazy, but I felt good in thrm, and that's the most important thing.


Day 1: Shopping at Oxford St and seeing the new HM Studio A/W 17 collection.

Day 2 // LFW day 1
This day I went for a double denim look and attended two presentations, Globelle by Nelly Rose and Billies Bakery by Billie Jacobbina, at Fashion Scout London and a runway show called "Fantasy Collection" by Joshua Kane at the London Palladium Theater. For this last event I changed into a dress from the last HM studio collection and some colourful accesories.

Day 3// LFW day 3 (skipped day 2 - You'll see what I did next Sunday)
For the Boo Pala presentation at Fremanson's Hall I opted for a blue suit with a cat collar shirt and comfortable sneakers. We also visited Notting Hill.

Day 4// LFW day 4
We started at the Paul Costelloe show at The Waldorf and then attended the Leaf Xia one at Fremansons Hall. For the occasion I opted for a floral dress and granny shoes. After I changed into something more comfortable, we headed to Kensington to see the Diana exhibition at the palace and ending the day at Topshop to see their runway "see now, buy now" collection.

 Day 5// LFW day 5
We started the day at the official LFW showspace for the Emilio de la Morena show and the showrooms. I went for a big sleeves top and and midi skirt. I also included a pair of heels that I changed afterwards. We dedicated the afternoon to the Balencia exhibition at the V&A Museum. Finally we headed to Harrords for the presentation of the Flawless Fusion foundation  by Laura Mercier with Mary Greenwell, Suki Waterhouse and the British Vogue team.


Sunday, 17 September 2017

OrneLGA Haul P/V 18

Ver Video: OrneLGA Haul P/V 18

1- Vestido Clara Ibarguren - disponible solo en Locales (en Rosario en Alto Rosario)

2- Vestido Fancy Ind. - lo conseguis en el stand de la Feria Cooltura o por Instagram: @fancy.ind

3- Pantalon Cher - disponible en locales y online aca.

4- Remera Melocoton - disponible en locales (en Alto Rosario)

5- Remera Hermana by Fashion Diaries - (en Rosario la consiguen en The Market) y online

6- Cartera Aldo via Falabella - disponible online

7- Zapatillas Fenty x Puma - solo en locales

Ver Video: OrneLGA Haul P/V 18